A wide variety of teaching and learning resources across all 3 main categories that constitute GCE Ordinary Level English Literature Syllabus: Drama, Prose and Poetry. These include Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Twelfth Night, George Orwell's Animal Farm, Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, Linus Asong's The Crown of Thorns, Shadrack Ambanasom's Son of the Native Soil and selected poems from Cameroon Anthology of Poetry and The Sheldon Book of Verse Book 111
Students will benefit from:
-clear explanation of GCE O Level Syllabus and revision techniques/strategies to get the best grades
-topic-by-topic coverage of the information they need
frequent questions with immediate feedback to test and reinforce their knowledge
-activities and projects to extend their learning
-sample GCE-like practice questions and full past GCE questions with full anwers and examiner's tips
-teaching and learning clinics with qualified, experienced teachers at the Optimus Education Foundation Training, Resource and Learning Centre (OTRELEC) in Bamenda, North west Region, Cameroon

-constant feedback from practice tests and how to improve  to achieve the best possible grade in exams.

Effective revision helps to improve performance in exams. Gain the Knowledge, Values, Confidence, Independence and Skills you need to ensure future exam success.